How can we work together?

Our partnership makes it easier for you to access world-class researchers and clinical leads from across our partner organisations and to leverage their expertise.


We're here to remove the barriers you face in realising research and innovation: by connecting you to the right people, we can help focus your ideas, refine proposals, conduct research and increase the reach and impact of your findings.


We offer a wide range of opportunities to work with us. This includes Associate Membership for charities, social enterprises, and third sector voluntary services. We also welcome enquiries from members of the public interested in helping shape our research.


We fund research and innovation projects and host collaborative networking events, workshops and conferences​.

Meet the team working hard behind the scenes.


Our governance structure is made up of influential seniors leaders from across our partner organisations who help hone our research priorities in line with regional population needs.


Funding Opportunities and Events



28 April

Research Sandpit

Our Research Sandpits provide structured networking opportunities and extended discussion time between researchers and partners to turn good ideas into research funding proposals.



April 2023 - March 2024


Sponsored co-badged NIHR ARC Fellowship to support practitioners who would like to research and implement evidence-based improvements in practice.



9 May - 16 June

Partnership Funding Call

A seed corn partnership award to build capacity for practice-led research and innovation to improve quality of health and social care services between £10,000 to £25,000.


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