Our Purpose

We’re committed to funding innovative, collaborative research

We can maximise your research through harnessing the power of partnership working.


We are funded by our partner organisations working across Norfolk, Suffolk and North East Essex to build capacity for collaborative research.

We facilitate effective interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers and the public, partnering with the NHS, public health and social care systems, communities, universities, industry, charities, and other research funders to maximise our collective impact.

We provide funding and resources to develop networks and ensure meaningful, sustainable patient and public engagement.


We fund early-stage research and innovation projects that transform the quality of our services, our workforce, and the lives of the communities we serve. We fund research and innovation projects that focus on:

  • Population Health Management, reducing inequalities and supporting prevention
  • Improving Mental Health
  • Management of long-term conditions and multimorbidity
  • Improving integrated urgent and emergency care
  • Healthy ageing
  • Learning disability and autism
  • Workforce development and sustainability
  • Advances in technology and medical science to improve care delivery
  • Children, Young People and Family health and wellbeing
  • Palliative and End of Life Care
  • Cross cutting themes include economic evaluation, organisational and system transformation and co-production methodologies

Our partnership is expanding the region’s capacity for high quality collaborative research and innovation to address the most pressing challenges affecting our population health and wellbeing.

Just as patients are at the heart of health and social care services, we believe that citizens should be at the heart of our research.

Through our collaborative partnership with the Citizens Academy, we strive to encourage more people to take part in research as an integral part of everyone’s experience of health and social care services.


Are you a practitioner, clinician, citizen, or academic researcher? Do you work in Health and Social Care? We can help you to maximise your research impact.


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